Adverse Effects of Ativan on Elderly People

Ativan is a type of Benzodiazepine, a drug used to treat anxiety. Adverse Effects of Ativan on Elderly People. It is often used for the treatment of insomnia and epilepsy. Ativan has a high potential for abuse and addiction. An increase in drug abuse among elder citizens has become a matter of concern recently, and the most prominent culprit is Ativan.

Adverse effects of Ativan on elderly people have put them on a risky edge. Ativan is prescribed to elderly people mostly to cure insomnia, anxiety, and depression. But according to a study, about 9% of men and 11% of women are now addicted to this drug, which has tremendous adverse effects on them.

Why do elder people get addicted to Ativan?

Several factors are leading to Ativan addiction among elder citizens. Some of the major reasons being:

  • Expiry of dear ones
  • Financial troubles
  • Loneliness
  • Health issues
  • Declination in mental state

All of these factors can lead to the prescription of Ativan. But the problem arises when they cannot get rid of this drug, as it is extremely addictive. Thus depending way too much on this drug leads to Ativan abuse and its addiction.

Any sort of suffering or health issues can demand the usage of drugs like Ativan. But such kinds of drugs are to be consumed with utter care. Expert supervision for a balanced consumption is the only way for safe usage of Ativan.

Negative effects of Ativan on elders

Abusing drugs like Ativan is densely observed among elder people. This is because elder people are more prone to get addicted to such addictive substances. 

Because of the weaker metabolism and high sensitivity of Ativan in elder bodies, the adverse effects are terrible with them. Some of the common symptoms are:-

  • Insomnia: Though insomnia is one of the reasons behind consuming Ativan, but improper consumption of it will eventually cause sleeplessness.
  • Irritation: Getting irritated or annoyed at the smallest issues is one of the primary symptoms.
  • Losing interest: Pleasurable hobbies and activities may no more remain as interesting as before
  • Alter in diet: Eating habits may drastically get changed followed by a loss in appetite and reluctance to eat.
  • Depression: The issue to be cured may return as a symptom. Depression and panic attacks will cause trouble to the elder ones.
  • Reduction in concentration: The effect of Ativan on the older brains is so impactful that the brain loses its power to concentrate on things.
  • Memory loss: Memories can faint. The smallest and the most recent memories can faint or get blurred.
  • Extreme anxiety: The anxiety that had to be cured will return as a result of disproportionate consumption.
  • Separation: The victim will no more want to be engaged with the near and dear ones. A tendency of withdrawal of sense of love and affection is observed.

In addition to these adverse effects, there are a lot of health issues related to Ativan misuse. All these drawbacks can address life-taking risks and the consequences not only bother the victim but also the good wishers are put in turmoil.

Treatment of the adverse effects of Ativan

There is no doubt that the side effects of improper Ativan consumption are a life threat to elder people. But there is a remedy for Ativan abuse. 

If any old one is suffering from the adverse effects of Ativan, then seeking medical treatment is the best remedy to this. Many patients have shown positive responses after going through a formal treatment.

There are several personalized treatment plans for elderly people to address their Ativan addiction and recover from the distress. 

Thus, availing a proper treatment to cure the adverse effects of Ativan is going to give better results and improved health.

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